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Museum of Being

(Museum Identity)

The Museum of Being (MOBE) is a torture museum that causes people to ask and reflect on questions about what defines torture and what forms still take place today, the nature of humanity, and what lies at the core of every being.


(City bike share website)

A city bike sharing system based in the Sunshine Coast. Pedalpal has a friendly and chummy approach geared towards vacationers looking for a way to explore around the city.

Circle of Life


Circle of Life is a campaign launched by the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging with an aim to mediate the issue of social isolation and loneliness amongst young adults and the elderly through providing an opportunity to connect these two generations together.


(Mental health app)

A mental health app geared towards health and wellness consumers who want to take care of their health holistically through careful attention to their physical, emotional, and mental health.



A music magazine for the artist looking to be inspired and seeking out a closer look into the creative processes of others.  

Digital Distortions

(Festival Flyer)

2021 theme for World’s End — a festival that values self-expression, discovery and community and is a place for all culture vultures to perform and experience different creative endeavors.